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Pics, flicks and notes about my musical friends and family in and around Old Town Eureka, California.
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My front porch in Old Town Eureka is known as The Sunny Side. Southern exposure, protected from the wind, it is an ideal place to sit and play old timey tunes and watch the parade go by.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Dave And Chuck

I ran into Dave at the Arcata Airport. As we were visiting in the parking lot Chuck drove up. The three of us worked together at HSU for 20+ years.

Monday, August 23, 2010

West Fork Gals

Tugboat Willy, Brother James and I took advantage of the beautiful day and played some tunes on the Sunny Side.

Friday, August 20, 2010


She's got my vote.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Christine's band will be playing at Bummerfest in the Vet's Hall next weekend.

Yosemite 1970 4th Of July

In 1970 Joe Sullivan and I hitchhiked to Yosemite. We'd heard a big party was planned for the 4th of July. We stayed a few days at my granny's house in Freedom and she took this picture of us when we left there. The nearer we got to Yosemite the more groups of bikers passed us. I noticed most patches said they were the Outlaws MC. The valley was packed with bikers and hippies smoking pot, drinking wine, strumming guitars and blowing harmonicas and racing their motorcycles where ever they pleased. It was like the Pirates Of The Caribbean ride at Disneyland. Early the next morning we woke up to the roar of a group of bikers chasing a Ranger in a little pickup truck around the park. We left for Yosemite Falls where we heard reports that the cops moved in and kicked everybody out and closed the park. We had the park to ourselves as Martial Law had been declared at Yosemite National Park. When we left a week later we had to walk most of the way down Tioga Pass. As soon as Joe and I returned from our Yosemite adventure my girlfriend Becky said she had some time off and wanted to go to Yosemite. So we jumped in her old Renault and stopped once again at my granny's where this picture was taken. When we got to the entrance of Yosemite we were stopped by armed guards with badges and patches dressed in black that said that Martial Law was in effect and the park was closed. I told the guy that I had been there and explained that we'd driven all this way and, well, come on man, be cool and let us in. He searched our car thoroughly looking for drugs and guns and finally said that he couldn't let us pass because the radio antennae was bent and presented a road hazard. I broke off the antennae and the guy said alright and let us pass. Becky and I had the entire park to ourselves. There were no employees, no busses, no campers, it was beautiful. Luckily the little Renault had plenty of gas and got good mileage and we had plenty of food. We stayed at all our favorite sites and never saw a soul. It was the best Yosemite trip ever.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

1967 Lincoln Continental Coupe

This is nice.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hello From Watsonville

Monday, August 09, 2010

Larry And The Falcon

Larry found this falcon lying in the street, dazed. He laid him down in Doggy Doo Park but he didn't fly away.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Trinidad Bay