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My front porch in Old Town Eureka is known as The Sunny Side. Southern exposure, protected from the wind, it is an ideal place to sit and play old timey tunes and watch the parade go by.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Memories Of Larry Luckett

Larry and his folks lived next door to me in Pomona in the sixties. A few years older than me, he was always kind and watched out for me. He played football for Ganesha High while I was still at Marshall Jr. High. We'd go to the football games just to watch Larry play. We moved to South Pasadena in 1967 and in 1969 I got a call from Larry's family telling me that he had died in action off the coast of Viet Nam. About 1980 I found his name on the traveling Viet Nam Memorial Wall when it was visiting Redwood Park in Arcata. Such a lose. Larry was a wonderful person and is always in my heart.

His sister Linda found my email address at and sent me these pics of Larry and my old house. The last photo is the house in 2005 taken by my old school chum John Sullivan.


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